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2000 m Depth & Temperature Sensor from Star-Oddi

Posted on 07.03.2004 - 16:11 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Data Storage Tag with Plastic Protective Housing Star-Oddi has developed a pressure (depth) sensor for measuring ocean depths down to 2000 m (200 bar), DST centi-hp.  The intention is to further develop the sensor for greater depths!  The high pressure sensor DST centi HP (high pressure), records temperature in addition to the depth.  The sensor is a result of Star-Oddi expertise with in the field of material technology.

The memory size can be extended to 262,000 measurements (131,000 paired measurements of temperature and depth).  Battery typically lasts 4-5 years.  The DST is available with a protective polyurethane plastic housing for harsh conditions (see picture). 

The new high pressure sensor DST centi HP will be used as a fish tag on Greenland Halibut later this month, a fish specie that spends most of its time at depths larger than 1000 m. 

Examples of studies where the high pressure sensor can play a major role:
  • Tagging of deepwater fish and marine animals that migrate to large depths
  • Monitor fishing gear
  • Monitor research equipment
  • Stand alone monitoring instrument
  • Industrial monitoring:
    • Hydrolic
    • Pressure tanks
    • Following pressure and temperature of samples at high pressure

The DST centi-hp is 48 mm in length and 16 mm in diameter.

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