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Survey: A Hot Summer for LinkQuest's Acoustic Modems

Posted on 02.09.2007 - 06:00 EDT in CONTRACT AWARDS by Rons_ROV_Links

sales writes:  A Hot Summer for LinkQuest's Acoustic ModemsSummer of 2007 is a particular hot season for LinkQuest's underwater acoustic modems. LinkQuest is manufacturing and shipping hundreds of long-range deepwater acoustic modems for seabed seismic monitoring applications. These modems will be used to interface with seismic sensors to monitor offshore oil and gas field reservoir. Once deployed, they will form the largest underwater acoustic communication network, surpassing the scale of large LinkQuest acoustic modem networks previously deployed for similar purposes and for long-term fishery and environmental monitoring projects.

LinkQuest has also delivered a substantial number of UWM1000, UWM2000 and UWM2000H modems for offshore oil field projects and environmental monitoring applications interfacing to sensors such as precision CTD, current profilers and nutrition analyzers in North Sea, East Asia and Alaska. LinkQuest has also shipped many modems to be used in conjunction with LinkQuest's FlowQuest acoustic current profilers. The acoustic modems will be used to periodically upload the current ensemble data from the FlowQuest systems without the need to retrieve the FlowQuest systems.

Kongsberg Maritime has also ordered UWM4010 deepwater acoustic modems for installation on yet another Hugin 3000 deepwater AUV. So far LinkQuest has provided UWM4010 modems to every Hugin deepwater AUV deployed. Together, these LinkQuest modems have uploaded hundreds of gigabytes of images and AUV status data in the past few years. With overwhelmingly superior field performance, large quantity production consistency and cost effectiveness, LinkQuest further extends its dominance in the underwater acoustic modem market.

For more information, please visit or contact the company at
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