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Exhibitions: Offshore Technology Conference attendance reaches 25-year high

Posted on 10.05.2007 - 14:00 EDT in EXHIBITION NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Offshore Technology Conference attendance reaches 25-year highAttendance at the 2007 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) reached a 25-year high to 67,155, as offshore professionals from 110 countries met to learn about the latest technology to develop more oil and natural gas resources from beneath the ocean. The world's largest offshore event was held 30 April-3 May at Reliant Park in Houston.

Attendance for 2007 increased 13 percent from 59,236 attendees in 2006. OTC's exhibition expanded for the first time into the adjacent Reliant Stadium and added more outdoor exhibit space in 2007. The show included nearly 2,400 companies from more than 30 countries, up from 2,229 in 2006. Total exhibit space was nearly 530,000 square feet, about the size of 13 football fields.

"The impressive increase in attendance reflects the strong state of the industry and the demand for advanced technology that allows us to find new resources in deeper water and harsher environments. The technical conference also allowed professionals to share solutions that will improve our ability to supply clean, affordable and abundant energy in the face of increasing global demand," said Arnis Judzis, 2007 OTC chairman.

OTC Awards Luncheon keynote speaker Chad Deaton, chief executive officer of Baker Hughes, noted that the industry faces geopolitical uncertainty and economic challenges in meeting increased global demand for energy, but said that the industry can control its own destiny by driving change. "We'll be consuming 50 percent more oil per day in 2030 than we use today," Deaton said. "Operators tend to wait for other companies to try new technology first, and only apply new tools after they have been proven in other people's wells....To really drive change, the service companies need help from operators to adopt new technologies more rapidly. With your help, we can gain experience more quickly and accelerate deployment of next-generation technologies."

OTC offered special sessions on significant industry topics, such as the changing roles of national oil companies and international oil companies, the industry's preparation for the upcoming hurricane season, the realities facing OPEC, and emerging areas for offshore development, in addition to 300 technical presentations. OTC's Spotlight on New Technology program highlighted 14 innovative technologies that are already making the industry more effective.

OTC held The Next Wave event to address issues important to industry professionals under the age of 35. The first Energy Education Institute brought 100 Houston area elementary and secondary teachers to OTC for a workshop on bringing energy topics to their classrooms.

The 2008 OTC, "Waves of Change," takes place 5-8 May 2008 at Reliant Center at Reliant Park. For more information, visit
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