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ROV NEWS: Seatools develops Arthropod 600 pipe trencher

Posted on 07.01.2007 - 13:31 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Seatools develops Arthropod 600 pipe trencherThe Arthropod 600, developped by Seatool bv, is capable of trenching pipelines with a diameter between 0.3 m and 1.25 m at a maximum burial depth of 3,50 m (bottom of trench). The standard design is suitable for water depths between 4 and 350 meters. Optionally this range can be extended for shallower or deeper water.

The trencher is operated under remote control from an air-conditioned control cabin. The initial requirement for the machine is for it to be capable of handling hard soils at least up to 400 kPa. However, the cutters in practice allow operation in much harder soils, at reduced speed. Apart from the cutters the trencher is also equipped with an extra tool, which allows removal of soft soils and sand.

An umbilical winch supplied with the system allows the storage of 400 m umbilical. Two hydraulically driven tracks drive the trencher at a maximum speed of 400 m /hr (traveling speed) or 60 m/hr (nominal operating speed).

For more information please contact Seatools bv.

Arthropod 600

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