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ROV NEWS: LBC - Little Benthic Crawler

Posted on 29.11.2006 - 10:51 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

LBC - Little Benthic CrawlerSeaBotix has developed a revolutionary new product that combines the proven technology and performance of the LBV with the ability to strongly adhere to any hard surface in any orientation. Once attached to the hard surface the LBC utilizes four-wheel drive and large knobby tires. This ability provides unmatched stability beyond conventional ROVs.

LBC ISOOverview
The initial LBC was an all in one ROV/Crawler. Extensive testing, demonstrations and feedback have resulted in a Convertible type system. In its standard form the LBC is a fully capable MiniROV system offering all the capabilities of the LBV type systems. When conditions exceed the capability of ROV mode or more precise control is required simply attach the crawler skid and adhere to the hard surface.

This unique combination of ROV and Crawler capability makes LBC an incredibly well rounded and capable system. Consider when operating an ROV for ship hull inspections, unless conditions are ideal, the task can be challenging. Current flow can often make maintaining a stable position for accurate object identification difficult. Add turbid or black water conditions and the difficulty escalates. Additionally, once an object is located precisely identifying the object and its position on the ship hull have their own challenges.

The concept of creating a crawler that attaches to the ship hull helps to reduce and even eliminate the difficulties encountered. There are two primary inspection methods for the LBC.

Attaching the Crawler skid is simple and takes only a few minutes.ROV MODE (3D) - the LBC operates as a free flying ROV in ROV MODE without the crawler skid attached. This mode enables the operator to freely inspect various structures through traditional ROV operation. The LBC with crawler skid attached can also operate in ROV mode, however, slightly increased weight, drag and centralized Center of Gravity due alter performance.

CRAWLER MODE (2D) - should conditions hinder the ability to maintain a stable position and accurately acquire the required video and data the LBC can quickly be fitted with the Crawler skid (less than 5 minutes). By switching to CRAWLER MODE the LBC can attach to the hard surface eliminating unstable movement allowing the operator to conduct precise inspections. This attachment is possible by rolling the LBC and turning on the suction device.

The LBC offers the ultimate in diversified inspection capabilities as a result of the standard features.

•  Crawls at up to 30M/min providing Fast Hull/Structure Inspection
•  Dual Mode ROV/Crawler maximizes Versatility
•  Proven Core Components ensures Reliability
•  Vortex Generator Attaches to Virtually all Hard Surfaces

Video Clips

View different short video clips illustrating how LBC operates as both ROV and Crawler.

Photo Gallery
View a variety of images of the LBC.

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