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Subsea Telecom News: IT Completes Cable across Lake Champlain

Posted on 19.11.2006 - 12:50 EST in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

IT Completes Cable across Lake ChamplainInternational Telecom (IT) announced the completion of the New York to Vermont cable across Lake Champlain. This system is a strategic asset for Vermont Tel as it is a reliable and scalable link between the two States. The cable will augment the quality of service and ability to meet all competitors with wired and wireless voice, video and date services.

International Telecom installed the system using local marine vessels combined with one of their specially designed suites of mobile gear. The gear is all containerized so it can be transported quickly and easily to all points in the world.

"Large and small Telecommunication firms are realizing that by installing fiber cables in lakes and rivers that significant cost savings can be achieved," said Paul Kravis VP Marine Systems, International Telecom. "It is more cost effective to go through the water than around it. Not only do you save route kilometers but the reality of acquiring terrestrial easements with the added burden of permitting does not make economic sense. Whether it be a lake or a river do not look at it as a problem but rather a solution."

International Telecom has installed numerous power and telecom cables in lakes and rivers using their mobile gear and local barges and tugs.

"Many telecommunication and energy firms are looking for expertise in marine cable installations but do not know where to turn to for smaller builds. We are known for the installation of larger ocean cable systems but smaller installations are not a problem because of our mobile gear," added Mr. Kravis.

Vermont Tel contacted International Telecom early this year to create a cost effective installation design and solution. A decision was made to break the responsibilities up between the two companies and to work together as a team. This approach decreased the costs by optimizing the talents of both organizations. Vermont Tel was responsible for terrestrial construction and transmission and International Telecom completed all marine operations.

Source: Submarine Telecoms Forum
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