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Posted on 14.11.2006 - 06:02 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Researcher Probes Underwater WorldMark Gleason's spent more time using Michigan Tech's VideoRay Pro Remotely Operated Vehicle in more places than almost anyone else - and has shown thousands of students how to use it. He's worked in inches of water on the fringes of Gratiot Lake to some of the deepest spots on four of the five great lakes and Torch Lake, the deepest inland lake in Michigan. He's worked off small fishing boats, the Denis Sullivan sailing vessel, and the Research Vessel (R/V) Lake Guardian, the largest research vessel on the Great Lakes. What has he learned?

"It will all be in my Doctoral Dissertation" said Gleason, "But I can summarize a few findings without jeopardizing the release of the main body of research. Using a VideoRay, for the general public, is actually quite intuitive - and fun! Almost everybody can understand the controls in a few minutes, though kids who have videogame experience seem to 'get it' a little faster than us older folks. But everybody had a very positive experience with the VideoRay - which I found very surprising - ALL ages found it to be useful in understanding the underwater environment. Also, I think it's a tremendous research tool - I've discovered some species of mussels, for example, live much deeper than previously thought. I've also been able to see how well fish cribs that the park service drops in lakes to create habitats actually work - and that gives us ideas on how the design could be improved."

Just this last summer Mark's activities have included:

•  The Northeast Recreational Research Symposium (NERR) at Sagamore Resort on Lake George Bolton Landing, NY.
•  US Forest Service Camp at Clear Lake: Instructed a series of programs explaining the ROV and having Junior High students operate the vehicle in the shallows of the lake. Over two hundred students and their teachers were part of this year's program.
•  National Park Service: Part of the Instruction team for educational programs provided to teachers from several states at five different Great Lakes National Parks. This programs included demonstrations of the ROV as well as presentations.
•  Tall Ship Denis Sullivan: As a member of this ships crew sailed Lakes Superior, Huron and Michigan from Houghton, MI to Chicago, IL. Was an instructor with three different adult courses and used the ROV as part of those classes. Operated the ROV on shipwrecks and in many habitats down to about 250 feet. As ship crew was part of the Great Lakes Tall Ship Activities in Green Bay, WS and Chicago, IL and demonstrated the ROV activities to the visiting public.
•  Pier Wisconsin-Discovery World Museum, Milwaukee, WS: Instructed a weeklong ROV workshop for 14 to 16 year old students. As part of this class the VideoRay ROV was used by the students in class as well as being part of several public presentations in the museum. Presented using their newly-purchased VideoRay at their grand opening.
•  Michigan Sea Grant: Provided a program on Lake Erie using the ROV to observe the lakes bottom.
•  SEE-North: Offered public programs using small boats on Northern Michigan inland lakes and at a State Fishery.
•  Gratiot Lake Conservancy: Assisted with an underwater Botany class for the general public.

The Denis Sullivan crossing Lake Michigan. Click image to enlarge.Research Articles

US Forest Service Research
Filmed Fish cribs for the Staff of Hiawatha Forest
Fayette State Park
Conducted a demonstration of the use of ROV to undertake a survey of that historical harbor
EPA's Ship Lake Guardian
Used the ROV to conduct research with MTU biology Professors. Studied fish habitats in Lake Superior near Munising, MI.

VideoRay now has far more Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in service around the world than any manufacturer, and is delivering additional ROVs at an increasing rate. Weighing just 8 pounds and starting at $5995 USD, VideoRays can be equipped with sonar, positioning systems or other accessories, and are used for underwater surveys, offshore inspections, search and recovery, homeland defense, science, fish farming and a range of applications in underwater environments. In August, the General Services Administration (GSA) awarded VideoRay a contract to supply vehicles to the US government, making it easier and faster for many agencies to acquire one. See for more information.

For further information:
Chris Gibson
Director, Sales & Marketing
VideoRay LLC
Phone: 610.458.3000 x204

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