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Contract Awards: Corrintec wins subsea pipeline cathodic protection surveys in Mumbai High Field

Posted on 14.11.2006 - 05:55 EST in CONTRACT AWARDS by Rons_ROV_Links

Corrintec, a division of the Cathelco Group specialising in subsea pipeline cathodic protection surveys, is undertaking a number of projects in the Mumbai High offshore oil field this autumn.

The most recent survey to be completed is a 126 kilometre platform to platform ‘trailing wire' survey which forms a part of the RSPPM (VMGL) project. This is being carried out for main contractors COMACOE and their client ONGC.
The aim of these surveys is to determine the effectiveness of pipeline cathodic protection systems and identify any areas where maintenance work may be necessary.

Corrintec is one of a small number of companies in the world who have the expertise to gather and analyse the data which is presented to the client in a comprehensive report.

Subsea Pipeline Corrosion Protection SurveysIn November, Corrintec will be working in another area of the Mumbai High Field of behalf of Fugro India and their client Valentine Marine who have been commissioned by ONGC. This is also a ‘trailing wire' survey over a distance of 56 kilometres between platforms.

The third project will be to complete a survey for Fugro India which commenced during May 2006 in the northern sector of the Mumbai High Field involving a 100 kilometre trailing wire survey. The work is also being undertaken on behalf of Global Industrial Services and ONGC.

"We have built a good relationship with Fugro India and are familiar with the operating conditions in the Mumbai High Field. This enables us to mobilise quickly and achieve the level of accuracy which is essential in these operations", said Chris Gregory, Corrintec's survey manager.

In the UK, Corrintec have recently completed their first survey for main contractors Noordhoek and their client Board Gais Eireann who operate a gas pipeline beneath the Irish Sea.

The ROV survey covered a total of 209 kilometres from Ross Bay in Scotland to Gormanston (County Meath) and included a spur to the Isle of Man.

ROV techniques provide highly detailed results and can incorporate the calculation of anode current output and predictions concerning the effective life of the anodes. The data can be compiled with full video/bathymetric survey dates to provide a full picture of the pipeline's status.

Over the last 30 years, Corrintec has surveyed more and 50,000 kilometres of subsea pipeline around the world and are one of the few companies to offer both ‘trailing wire' and ROV methods.

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