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Contract Awards: Hundreds of Acoustic Modems Shipped in Recent Months

Posted on 12.11.2006 - 08:25 EST in CONTRACT AWARDS by Rons_ROV_Links

sales writes:  Hundreds of Acoustic Modems Shipped in Recent MonthsLinkQuest Inc. has shipped hundreds of its underwater acoustic modems for applications worldwide in recent months, extending the market  dominance of its best-selling acoustic modem based on Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum (BASS) technology. LinkQuest has shipped a large number of underwater acoustic modems for long-term fishery and environmental monitoring projects, forming some of the largest undersea acoustic communication networks in the history.

Long-range UWM3000 modems were installed for India's large Tsunami monitoring network, sending critical sensor data from the deep sea to surface buoys in real-time. Fugro, Seatronics, Ashtead and other commercial companies have purchased a large number of UWM2000, UWM3000 and UWM4000 modems for offshore oil filed applications. Numerous government organizations, large research institutions and universities, including USGS, NOAA, UK's Southampton Oceanography Centre, South Korea's KORDI, Germany's Baltic Sea Research Institute and National University of Singapore, have also placed orders for various models of underwater acoustic modems.

With advanced Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum (BASS) technology and unprecedented number of deployments worldwide , LinkQuest's underwater acoustic modems are the world's best proven solutions for underwater acoustic communications. For more information, please visit or contact the company at
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