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General: Fears Detox Drink could Distort Offshore Drug Tests

Posted on 09.01.2004 - 03:48 EST in GENERAL NEWS by admin

ginamc writes:  A Powder solution which could cheat drugs tests is being sold by an Aberdeen shop. Zydot Euro Blend and similar products are widely available over the internet.

Experts are testing the substance after a councillor made a formal complaint.

The powder, which costs £36, is designed to be added to water to make a drink which purifies urine.

There were calls last night for tighter restrictions to be introduced on the substance amid fears it could be used by offshore workers and other employees facing drugs tests.

Presents, in Back Wynd, Aberdeen, is one of the few Scottish shops to stock them.

A spokesman for the shop said: "There are no restrictions on selling the product. At the moment we have eight bottles in stock and we tend to sell about one a week. I couldn't describe the average person who buys it - I'm assuming it's someone who wants to achieve what it says on the bottle, which is clean urine for four to five hours."

A city council spokesman said: "We have received a complaint about the product, and the environmental health department is investigating. ''

Castlehill councillor Jim Hunter made a complaint to council officials yesterday after being contacted by the P &J.

He said: "I think it's very important it be tested to make sure that it doesn't cause any harm to anyone who uses it.

"I'm concerned if people are using it to clear themselves to get back to work, having been on drugs. If people are using it to get through their medical then I'm totally against it."

The head of Grampian Police drugs squad, Detective Inspector Willie Findlay, doubted that the product was illegal, but said selling it raised moral issues.

"You could draw an analogy with breathalysers sold in garages. These are inaccurate and may tell a driver he is safe to drive when in fact he is not."

Steve Harris, of the UK Offshore Operators Association, said: "We would obviously be very concerned by such a potion. We have a very strict anti-drugs policy offshore. Even apart from the legal considerations, safety is a paramount concern. Anyone who tries to mask drug-taking is behaving very irresponsibly."

Jake Molloy, of oil union OILC, said: "Anyone foolish enough to be buying this stuff to try and cover the fact they are taking drugs is a danger to themselves and everyone else offshore. I would never condone any offshore worker using it."

SNP MSP Brian Adam said that, by going to such lengths to hide drugs use, individuals were refusing to face their problems.

He said: "Those who are determined to spoil drug tests, if they know one is coming up, undoubtedly can do so. People trying to distort the results of drug tests are avoiding the fact that they have a problem.

"A failure to recognise drug dependency in the long term leads to the problems associated with drug abuse. Anyone who is marketing this drink for that purpose is not only morally corrupt but must also be putting themselves at the edge of the law. I hope there are law officers looking into this and checking if there are controls on this substance."

A spokesman for Eurodot which supplies Zydot products in Europe said: "Euro Blend is a carbohydrate drink mix. We do not sell it as a drink which distorts drug tests. We have no control as to how other people market it. People buy it for whatever purpose they want."

Eurodot's website emphasises: "Just one hour after drinking Euro Blend, your urine may be pure for four to five hours."

An independent website, markets it as a "natural marijuana detox drink".

Presents also advertises the sale of fresh magic mushrooms and grow-your-own kits. The shop's spokesman said: "We've been selling growing kits and fresh mushrooms for about a month or two. We buy them in from a source outside this country. I've never tried them myself."

Janice Jess, who ran Grampian Addiction Problem Services and continues to offer advice and education on drugs, said: "Selling growing kits is encouraging people to break the law and is irresponsible."

DI Findlay said he was aware the shop was selling a product claimed to be magic mushrooms but he declined to comment.

Source: Press & Journal

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