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General: Award winning Seaeye expands creating new career opportunities in engineering...

Posted on 18.10.2006 - 10:37 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Award winning Seaeye expands creating new career opportunities in engineering and salesAward winning Seaeye expands creating new career opportunities in engineering and sales

Sales success has led leading ROV maker Seaeye to expand its operations by opening a second factory in Fareham. This includes growing export sales that now exceed 70% of turnover, winning the company a ‘Best Business Award'.

Extra engineering, technical and sales staff will be needed as the new 6000 sq ft of additional space takes on final assembly of their electric ROV production. This leaves their existing factory to produce the building blocks that make up the underwater vehicles, such as frames, thrusters and control units.

Final assembly of Seaeye systems moves to new facility. Click image to enlarge.Training will also move to the new factory where, at a special facility, customers from across the world will receive technical training in the operation and maintenance of Seaeye's range of systems. This range meets the needs of all applications from observation and inspection, to seabed and pipeline survey, to a full work class capability for intervention in submarine rescue and the support of offshore drilling and IRM operations.

Expansion comes as sales have doubled over the past 12 months, with growth set to continue through this year and next year. This success sees the company extend its lead in the electric ROV market world-wide. Sales growth has come not only from the booming oil and gas industry, but from Seaeye's success in expanding sales in the areas of defence, marine science and civil engineering.

Recognition of this achievement, particularly in the export field, won them the business award, the second of its kind in the last two years.

Seaeye are now seeking to recruit additional mechanical and electronic design engineers as well as sales staff including a senior Sales Manager who would, ideally, have ROV experience.

For further information on career opportunities at Seaeye, contact Matt Bates with a CV.

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