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Huawei Marine Successfully Completes Viatel (Flores-Corvo) Submarine Cable Syste

 Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (Huawei Marine), a global submarine cable networks provider, has partnered with Viatel,  Portugal’s leading telecommunications engineering network supplier, to successfully complete the 685 kilometer cable Flores-Corvo Submarine Cable System construction. The new cable system featuring enhanced Raman technology and advanced Submarine Line Terminal Equipment of OptiX BWS 1600S, will provide vital communications to not only service local demand but become an integral part of Viatel’s network that includes over 100 points-of-presence (PoPs) based in 35 key cities. The cable system features three diverse segments, consisting of six landings points to provide essential links to international cable systems, such as the cross-Atlantic Columbus3 submarine cable system, to enable a broad range of services to be delivered to this region.


Global Marine Systems Introduces Digital X-Ray Camera to Reduce Subsea Cable Rep

 Global Marine Systems has developed a new digital x-ray technology to replace traditional film as a new standard for subsea cable repair capability. The DXr1 camera is the first of its kind for the subsea industry and employs similar technology to that already proven in the medical field. 


TE Subcom Commences Production Of Chevron Big Foot Undersea Network

 TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology, today announced that work is underway for Chevron U.S.A. Inc.’s Big Foot offshore facility undersea fiber optic communications system in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Under terms of a contract awarded to TE SubCom in April 2012, the cable system is slated for completion in December 2013.


Huawei Marine Announce Commercial Availability Of 2nd Generation Repeater And Br

 Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (Huawei Marine) have announced the commercial availability of their 2nd generation repeater and branching unit for subsea turnkey global telecommunication networks. The Optical Repeater provides solutions for regional and long haul systems that need high performance and reliability with 2,4 and 6 fibre pair solution coupled with unique pump redundancy architecture design.


Fiber-Optic Transatlantic Cable Could Save Millions by Speeding Data to Stock Traders

  Traders used to all buy and sell stocks in the same crowded room. Everyone received information at the same time, and the first guy to shout or signal got the sale. Today, using algorithms that exploit slightly different prices changing at slightly different speeds, and computers connected to exclusive fiber-optic lines that can buy and sell stocks within fractions of a second, high-frequency traders are able to buy low and sell slightly higher in virtually the same instant.

“A couple of milliseconds can roll out to a $20-million difference in [a trader’s] account at the end of the month,” says Nigel Bayliff, the CEO of Huawei Marine Networks, one of the companies laying down superfast fiber-optic lines.


No security concerns for the Pacific Fibre

The recent news articles in The Australian Financial Review highlight the ongoing security concerns of US and Australian authorities with Chinese submarine cable technology suppliers.  The United States has previously expressed concerns about Huawei and other Chinese submarine cable suppliers fearing security breaches (e.g. interception of sensitive data). 


Emerald Networks launches $300m transatlantic fibre optic cable

Emerald Networks, Inc., a subsea cable system owner/operator that provides low latency transatlantic capacity to the wholesale market, today announces that the Group is to install, for completion by the Spring of 2013, the highest capacity, low latency, transatlantic submarine cable system in order to meet the ever increasing high density data requirements between the U.S. and Europe. The Group which already has cornerstone investment from the Wellcome Trust, has recently appointed Jefferies & Company, Inc., the global investment banking firm, to complete a US$300 million fundraise in order to finance the project.


Offshore Marine Services GmbH completes first successful cable storage task for

Offshore Marine Services, the German arm of UK-based Offshore Marine Management, has successfully completed its first cable storage task for the consortium Siemens Energy and Prysmian Powerlink, the companies responsible for the BorWin 2 and HelWin 1 export cable systems including Offshore Sub Stations.


Subsea cable network to upgrade Iraq links

Qatar-based Gulf Bridge International (GBI) is completing the final stages of a submarine cable network that will give Iraq fast, reliable connections to other parts of the world for the first time, the network's operator said on Monday.


A world-first subsea repair job

When there's a power failure in our neighbourhoods we know that hydro crews will find and repair the problem as quickly as possible. But what happens when there's a massive power outage on the world's largest subsea cabled network? How do you fix something that extends hundreds of kilometres into the deep ocean?

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