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Geoconsult's UHD ROVs put to the test
Date: Tuesday, May 02, 2006 @ 16:17:20 EDT

Geoconsult's UHD ROVs put to the testSea trials are currently underway for Geoconsult’s two ultraheavy-duty UHD ROVs from Schilling Robotics. The 150shp ROVs, which were delivered in March, are installed on the SV Geosund, which was recently extended and upgraded to the latest requirements for a versatile, deepwater construction support vessel.

Trials of Geoconsult's UHD ROvs are under way from Geosund.Manoeuvres with the UHD systems have primarily taken place in the Ormen Lange field off the coast of Norway, and have included operation in heavy seas. 

Trials have been conducted using the UHD’s XE tether management system, which can accommodate 900m of 35mm tether.

Extensive tests have also been conducted with auto-control functions, including Schilling’s StationKeep system.

Schilling’s Digital Telemetry System, which provides 'plug and play' connectivity for a wide range of instruments, tools, and cameras, has been valuable for connecting the large suite of survey equipment installed on the UHD vehicles.

Periodic updates concerning the sea trials will be available at Schilling’s web site,

May 2, 2006

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