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Tritech SeaSprite locates body of missing student
Date: Friday, March 24, 2006 @ 11:06:29 EST

Tritech SeaSprite locates body of missing studentThe body of American student Scot Radel, who had been missing since the 2nd of February after he fell into the Mississippi River, was recovered on the 1st March by a team of experts operating a VideoRay ROV equipped with the latest Tritech SeaSprite sonar.

St. Cloud police department said that the technology they had used was fundamental in the discovery of the body and had helped to bring closure to Scot’s family who had been trying to cope with his disappearance for a month.

Tritech’s SeaSprite scanning sonar was able to locate the body in especially difficult conditions, with turbid and fast flowing currents a potential threat to the search.

Brett Kolb with the VideoRay Pro 3 GTO and scanning sonar on the Ice of the Mississippi River in front of the location where Scot Radel was foundThe investigation was followed on and off as conditions allowed until February 15th, when the St. Louis County team located Scot's baseball hat in the trash racks of the 10th Street Dam.  The search was done visually with the video camera on the VideoRay, using the SeaSprite scanning sonar to navigate around the trash racks.  The location of the hat suggested that Scot most likely fell into the river.  Unfortunately dangerous conditions and unstable ice on the river prevented additional searching at that time, with some fearing that the search would not be able to continue.

However, when the river iced over again the St. Louis team were called in to assist once more.  The search ended when Brett Kolb, a 20-year-old technician and customer support representative from VideoRay, located the body.  Brett was sent to bring an additional VideoRay unit and repair units if need be. However, he was operating a VideoRay that spotted the body of Scot Radel just a few hours into the search.

Though the end result was sad for all involved it demonstrated once again how important underwater technology is.  In this case VideoRay’s ROV equipped with Tritech’s SeaSprite sonar was able to bring closure to Scot’s family without endangering the search team.

March, 2006


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