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C & C's AUV Transiting To Brasil
Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 @ 08:33:30 EST

C & C Technologies, Inc.C & C Technologies' C-Surveyor I AUV, aboard the R/V Rig Supporter, began a 13-day transit from the coast of Angola to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil on March 11, 2006.Over the last six months, the C-Surveyor I completed 10,700 kilometers of survey lines for numerous clients in Africa. Upon completing its transit to Brazil, C & C's AUV is expected to commence work on several deepwater projects.

C & C's Surveyor class AUVs collect high-resolution multibeam bathymetry, chirp side scan sonar and chirp subbottom profiler data in a single pass. To date, C & C's AUVs have performed more than 60,000 kilometers of AUV surveys and are the world's most productive and cost effective deepwater survey tools. Clients with prospective work in the Brasil are encouraged to contact C & C ahead of time to reserve AUV time.

C & C Technologies provides a variety of survey services including high accuracy Globally-corrected GPS services, marine construction surveys, high-resolution geophysical surveys, geotechnical surveys including full laboratory testing, as well as land surveys. For more information, please contact Jay Northcutt at (+1) 337-261-0660, visit C & C's website at, or send email to

March 21, 2006

C & C Technologies, Inc.

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