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Human Cyborg Enthrals Scottish Youngsters
Date: Sunday, February 26, 2006 @ 05:58:00 EST

The Aberdeen Press & JournalA University professor, thought to be the world's first human cyborg, has shared his thoughts and experiences with a group of Scottish schoolchildren.

Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics at Reading University, enthralled his audience of fourth to sixth-year pupils at Morgan Academy, Dundee, yesterday.

Prof Warwick, 50, has had a microchip surgically implanted into his central nervous system and devised a way of making electrical impulses from his brain operate a robot arm.

Through thoughts alone, he can transmit those impulses over the internet, so they can operate mechanical limbs anywhere in the world.

Speaking ahead of his visit to the city's Sensation Science Centre last night, Prof Warwick said: "I believe that, in the future, robots will be more intelligent than humans and the only way we will be able to compete is to have silicon-chip implants that link our brains to a computer network. But then we will be part human, part machine."

The professor has also experimented with a microchip implanted in his wife, which enables the couple to exchange thoughts and feelings without having to speak, or even be in the same room.

A book about his quest to become a cyborg was published in 2002.

25th February 2006

Source: The Press & Journal

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