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Compact ROV For Drill Support In Heavy Seas
Date: Thursday, February 23, 2006 @ 06:04:56 EST

SeaeyeItalian contractor, DNT Offshore has taken delivery of a specially designed compact work ROV that can perform a wide range of drill support tasks in heavy seas, including AX ring removal.

In their search for pioneering ways to get more work from smaller ROVs, the Ravenna-based company collaborated with world-leading ROV maker, Seaeye, to expand the capability of the Seaeye Cougar into performing a greater range of tasks, and be safe for operating in sea state six.

Seaeye Cougar with AX ring tool skid fitted under the manipulator
skid incorporating a disc cutter & jet wash

The innovative solution came from an inspired idea of DNT's to 'piggy-back' interchangeable tooling skids by mounting one on top of the other. In particular they wanted the capability to perform manipulative and bulls eye cleaning tasks while having their newly designed AX ring-removal tool skid attached.

Tests by Seaeye proved the concept and they managed to keep down the size and weight of the finished vehicle by re-packaging proven tool configurations into a smaller space with a lower profile. The result is a compact vehicle with a wide capability to handle all of the tasks needed for drill support.

For safer operations in heavy weather, Seaeye's own design of snubber-rotator was provided to capture the TMS with its ROV firmly at the head of the 'A' frame before rotating it fore and aft between the legs for recovery on deck.

This is the third Seaeye Cougar delivered to the independent contractor, DNT Offshore whose first contract for the system is off West Africa. DNT also operate two Seaeye Falcon systems and have a third on order.

Source: Seaeye Ltd

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