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Underwater Electromagnetic Technology Partnership
Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 @ 04:30:12 EST

Tritech IntenationalTritech International of Aberdeen, Scotland and Wireless Fibre Systems of Livingston, Scotland announce a partnership agreement to promote radio frequency solutions for specific offshore Oil & Gas Industry use where electromagnetic techniques address niche underwater applications.    Richard Marsh, Managing Director of Tritech International commented:

“We in Tritech pride ourselves in leading technology developments that are relevant to our core business of supplying equipment for subsea applications.   It has been clear that existing acoustic systems have their limitations, particularly in noisy underwater environments or where transmission at very high data rates is required.

This was the problem I posed to Wireless Fibre System Ltd in early 2005.  They have responded magnificently with a range of pioneering ideas and solutions.  So much so that Tritech has now formed a partnership with WFS to jointly promote these exciting new products and concepts.”

The companies plan to launch a number of innovative products in the near future including:

Dual mode Acoustic / RF modems to provide robust, high availability communications for safety critical applications

RF solutions for:

 - High data transfer rate for ROVor AUV to sensor/data loggers
 - Real time AUV control
 - High resilience safety applications
 - Sensor synchronisation
 - Through water - air interface communication links
 - Diver texting and telemetry

Key advantages of RF techniques in underwater applications are:

 - Immunity to acoustic noise from wave action or machinery
 - Removal of need for hard docking or mechanical linkages
 - Immunity to disruptive multi-pathing in confined or cluttered environments
 - Leverage of extensive telecoms digital technology
 - Tritech International and Wireless Fibre Systems are committed to jointly developing a range of products to meet the demanding requirements of the under water environment using the most appropriate technology.

Brendan Hyland, Chairman & CEO of WFS commented:

“We are developing a short range, broadband communications system for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). This will support faster and more covert communications between AUVs and sub-sea data loggers, surface vessels and docking stations.

In fact we have a rapidly expanding family of solutions to address subsea requirements.  I am pleased to say that Tritech International, who encouraged us to look at this market, is now our partner in addressing it."

Source: Tritech International

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