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Schilling Robotics earns MTS ROV Corporate Excellence Award
Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 @ 09:48:03 EST

Schilling RoboticsDavis, California ... The Remotely Operated Vehicle Committee of the Marine Technology Society (MTS) presented its Corporate Excellence Award to Schilling Robotics at Underwater Intervention 2006 in Tampa, Florida. This award is presented to corporations that have had outstanding success or growth, or that have made exceptional contributions to the ROV community. The award was accepted for Schilling Robotics by CEO Tyler Schilling.

Drew Michel, chairman of the MTS ROV Committee, states, “The award was given to Schilling Robotics because they had the courage not only to execute a management buyout from Alstom, but to ramp up to become a player in the market for large work-class ROVs. The leadership of the MTS ROV Committee encourages Tyler and his staff to continue to push the technical envelope, and we wish them a long and prosperous run.”

Tyler Schilling responds, “We entered the ROV market 6 years ago because we wanted to make significant contributions to ROV technology, so we are very pleased to be recognized by the ROV Committee for the second time during that 6-year period.” Schilling continues, “A primary goal was to increase ROV operational efficiency, and to that end we’ve introduced industry-leading features such as station-keeping and operator touchscreen interfaces. Our latest ROV, the hydraulic, ultraheavy-duty UHD™, will introduce gigabit Ethernet and HDTV technologies. And we plan to continue to offer the industry the latest and most reliable technologies available.”

The MTS ROV Committee began its award program in 1990 to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations in the ROV community. To maintain a high degree of distinction, awards are not necessarily presented annually, but only as deemed appropriate.

February 14, 2006


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