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Designs detailed for new North Sea installations planned by BP
Date: Monday, February 13, 2006 @ 07:53:49 EST

BPOutline designs for new North Sea platforms have been unveiled by BP as part of its spending plans for four major projects costing US $5 Bn in the next five years.

Tapping the Skarv field in the Norwegian North Sea sector could include a platform with 16,500 tonnes (t) topsides supported by a 35,000 t hull, plus another 9,000 t turret and mooring system if a floating production solution is pursued.

Topsides processing capacity would cover 185,000 b/d of oil and 670 Mmcf/d of gas. Also a 70 km (43 miles) flow line is indicated to export production.

Redevelopment of Valhall will involve the replacement of three existing platforms with one new facility equipped with 11,200 t topsides and a 6,000 t jacket. This new installation would require process capacity of 150,000 b/d of oil and 775 Mmcf/d of gas handling capacity, plus a 290 km (181 mile) power cable from shore to avoid offshore power generation.

Clair BP copy.gifIn the UK sector, the Harding Area Gas project entails a new platform with 5,000 t topsides to handle up to 40 Mmcf/d of gas, supported by a 4,000 t jacket, plus a 12 km (7.5 mile) export flow line. Harding is also scheduled to take production from BP’s forthcoming Devenick development, and the new facility would be bridge-linked back to the existing Harding TGP platform.

Clair phase two will be a “clone” of the phase one platform which came onstream in February last year (pictured). This second Clair platform, with 60,0000 b/d oil processing capacity and 25 Mmcf/d of gas handling, would be based on 14,000 t topsides and a 10,000 t jacket.

Mustang Engineering owned by Aberdeen-based Wood Group designed the first Clair platform, which was built to a radical new fit for purpose design based on Gulf of Mexico platform construction conventions.

Details on the new platforms were outlined in a new North Sea strategy presented by Terry Hughes, formerly project manager for Clair, and now director of major projects for BP’s North Sea Strategic Performance Unit.

February 13, 2006


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