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DDC Sells AC-CESS AC-ROV to KeySpan Energy
Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 @ 00:31:42 EST

AC-CESS Remotely Operated Vision and SenseDeep Development Corp (Canada & U.S.) and KeySpan Energy (Canada & U.S.) have agreed the purchase of an AC-CESS AC-ROV micro submersible including two function manipulator and rear view camera options.  

Facilitated by Mr Ken Bower of DDC, the purchase of the AC-ROV Search Warrant as it is known in the States and Canada was an easy choice for Mr William Trainor of KeySpan.  Wishing to reduce diver costs and downtime, Mr Trainor was very impressed by the build quality, system size, price and high mobility of the AC-ROV...

AC-CESS ROV with Diver.

“It didn’t take us (KeySpan) long to make up our minds to purchase the submersible, after a study of the available vehicles on the market, it was by far the most suitable for our needs.  Its size and mobility mean it can get us inspection footage of areas our divers cannot safely reach, at an overall greatly reduced cost.

We intend to use the Search Warrant ROV for the inspection of water intake canals at our power plants including pilings, dams, sheet piles, pumps and screen wash racks. Inside the plants we will use it to inspect piping systems that are always full of water.  With the grabber arm we will now be able to retrieve foreign objects from these systems.  Also if the need arises we can use the ROV to inspect underwater electric cables and gas mains.”
KeySpan Energy is the fifth largest distributor of natural gas in the United States and the largest in the Northeast region of the country.  Operating regulated gas utilities in New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire they serve 2.6 million customers. KeySpan is also the largest electric generator in New York State – Mr Trainor is predicting a busy life for the Search Warrant.

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