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Chesapeake Technology announces real-time interface for SyQwest AquaScan
Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011 @ 11:00:00 EST

Chesapeake Technology announces real-time interface for SyQwest AquaScanChesapeake Technology, Inc. (CTI), the innovation leaders in sonar data acquisition and processing software, just announced real-time interfaces for two SyQwest sonar products – their recently announced AquaScan Sidescan Sonar and their HydroBox echo sounder. The combination of these sonar devices with SonarWiz 5 results in a single, integrated solution that supports the complete project lifecycle, from planning to data acquisition to post-processing.

"We are very pleased that CTI supports the AquaScan for real time processing," commented Mike Curran, SyQwest President. "SonarWiz 5 is a great complement to our sonar products. It provides our users real time mosaicing and the ability to post process georeferenced side scan data. This should be a 'win-win' for SyQwest, CTI and our respective customers."

Sample output generated by SyQwest AquaScan and SonarWiz 5 showing a shipwreck.
SonarWiz 5 is a complete data acquisition and survey management system. It's made up of powerful yet easy to use tools that help surveyors increase productivity, simplify the process, and produce high quality outputs. Its real-time data acquisition capability enables users to confirm the quality and coverage before leaving the operation area, improving results and lowering costs.

AquaScan, SyQwest's first sidescan sonar offering, is a portable, high-resolution, precision sonar product designed specifically for shallow water seafloor surveys up to 250 meters of slant range. And SonarWiz 5 is the first third-party real-time mosaicing product for the AquaScan, enabling users to optimize their time on the water and deliver top quality results.

"We have used AquaScan and congratulate SyQwest on their announcement," said John Gann, Chesapeake Technology founder and CTO. "We strive to support important new products like this one shortly after they're available, ensuring our customers can purchase these new products and still take advantage of all of the SonarWiz 5 advanced sonar mapping capabilities."

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