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EMU busy servicing the marine cable industry
Date: Thursday, June 23, 2011 @ 12:00:00 EDT

EMU busy servicing the marine cable industryEMU Limited is currently undertaking a series of marine ecological surveys for the undersea cable route industry in relation to windfarms and electrical supply developments in The Solent, the northern North Sea and the southern North Sea.

Based at Trafalgar Wharf near Portsmouth, EMU Limited's marine ecologists have been able to draw on their local and regional knowledge, together with many years' experience to make them ideally placed to deliver the surveys and to advise on any issues raised by their analysis.

For this work EMU uses vessel sampling techniques comprising grab, trawl, video and still photographs, to collect and identify seabed habitat information along the proposed cable corridor. In addition, appropriate phase 1 / modified phase 1 coastal community, biotope and habitat mapping studies are undertaken at proposed cable landfall sites. The field samples are processed at EMU's Marine Laboratories giving the necessary species data for cable planning and the consenting processes. In line with the precautionary principle, survey outcomes are intended to facilitate a pragmatic approach to habitat and species management throughout any agreed cable infrastructure design and engineering phases.

EMU's Ecology Group have developed their intertidal survey methodology in conjunction with the company's benthic surveys to meet the increasing need for this approach to undersea cable routing and related landfall sites. These methods are complimented by the Ecology teams' research-backed knowledge in the field of related surveys for coastal developments, whilst focusing on the specific needs of cabling projects at this period of growing demand.

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