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Cable & Wireless Communications to create new fibre optic cable system in Maldiv
Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 @ 10:00:00 EDT

Cable & Wireless Communications to create new fibre optic cable system in MaldivesDhiraagu, Cable & Wireless Communications' (CWC) business in the Maldives, has commissioned a new submarine fibre optic cable network system which will run north to south across the 90,000 square kilometre country.

The Dhiraagu Domestic Submarine Cable Network (DDSCN) will provide high speed internet access across the country's 200 inhabited islands, increasing the number of households which can access broadband. It will also help Dhiraagu to provide social telecom services (telecoms enabled public services) like e-health, telemedicine and e-government services.

The 1,017 km length fibre optic submarine cable will be installed by the NEC Corporation. It is expected to be operational by mid-2012.

Tony Rice, the Chief Executive of Cable & Wireless Communications, commented: "Dhiraagu is investing to enable consumers in all islands of the Maldives to enjoy high speed internet and modern telecommunication facilities. This, in turn, will provide opportunities for the development of the Maldives economy and will enable more public services to be provided online."

CWC provides submarine capacity to over 60 countries across the globe.

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