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Pioneer Consulting publishes ''Marine Services for Undersea Telecom Cables''
Date: Friday, June 03, 2011 @ 11:00:00 EDT

Pioneer Consulting publishes "Marine Services for Undersea Telecom Cables"For the first time, a comprehensive description of the sector that provides marine services to the undersea communications cable industry is available. Pioneer Consulting's Marine Services for Undersea Telecom Cables report provides analysis and forecasts of the entire submarine telecom marine services industry.

Marine Services for Undersea Telecom Cables is intended as a guide to installation and repair methodologies for deep and shallow water marine services, current maintenance agreements and submarine cable storage depots, among many other topics.

The report also includes profiles of marine service providers-both large and small-and discusses the respective roles in the market of submarine cable owners and operators, system suppliers and independent marine services suppliers. It also covers vessel operators and suppliers of ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and sea plows.

Based on its proprietary undersea cable and cableship database and methodology, Pioneer's report includes ground-breaking forecasts of demand for cable kilometers and the number of cableships required to 2015.

Howard Kidorf, Managing Partner of Pioneer Consulting, offered that: "This report is a key resource for anyone supplying services, consuming services or investing in this industry. Its profiles of key players, current trends affecting the submarine cable industry, the technical requirements needed for these services, trends in related industries-oil, gas and power cable-all help provide insight into this complex industry. What's more, no one has ever published forecasts of vessel requirements before."

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