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ATLAS ELEKTRONIK produces 2000th SeaFox
Date: Friday, November 19, 2010 @ 13:00:00 EST

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK produces 2000th SeaFoxAnother milestone for the SeaFox: the 2000th SeaFox mine disposal vehicle will soon be leaving Bremen. It is destined for the German Navy, which was also the recipient of the first SeaFox ten years ago. At present, about ten of these AUVs leave the production facility in Bremen every week.

With the SeaFox, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK blazed a new trail in mine countermeasures more than a decade ago, deploying unmanned underwater vehicles for the first time. The drones identify and destroy ground and tethered mines without endangering the ship or its crew. The reusable SeaFox I ("Intelligence") is used to identify the sea mine, whereas the expendable SeaFox C ("Combat") with its integrated warhead serves as intelligent ammunition for mine neutralization. To complement the SeaFox I and C, a training version has also been developed and marketed.

"SeaFox is the most modern and powerful system of its kind. Its unbroken success and the high level of demand are due to the innovative energy and superior capabilities of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK in the field of minehunting," said the Managing Directors of ATLAS, Dieter Rottsieper and Kai Horten.

atlas_seafox_mkiiATLAS is constantly improving the SeaFox suite. The new SeaFox MkIII is being fitted with a novel type of fuse that will allow safe on-board recovery of the SeaFox C if it is not used after deployment. Until now, once a SeaFox was launched, it always had to be detonated after a certain time window had elapsed. A new Mobile Control Unit will also be offered.

SeaFox forms part of the ATLAS Integrated Mine Countermeasures System (IMCMS), which is one of the most modern and effective of its class. With the aid of several sensor systems and remote-controlled or autonomous surface and underwater vehicles, it combines a number of mine countermeasures methods to achieve effective neutralization of diverse types of mines.

Besides the German Navy, the SeaFox customers include the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, the USA and Japan.

SeaFox is also being manufactured under licence overseas. To extend the production in Great Britain, work is currently progressing on licensed manufacture in Japan.

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