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Nexans finished installation of subsea cable to Træna
Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 @ 09:00:00 EST

Nexans finished installation of subsea cable to TrænaThe new marine cable to the island of Træna has now been laid. It will start carrying current early in September.

The announcement of a new marine cable for Træna was met with much rejoicing, says

The island's 450 inhabitants and fishing industry have waited a long time for an improved power supply.

The lack of power had led to the postponement of new housing and the Modolv Sjøset fisheries company had looked into moving away from Træna due to the situation.

But in March 2009, the Norwegian Government decided to allocate funds for a new marine cable. With NOK 30 million from the Government and the remainder from the Lurøy/Rødøy power company, the financing was in place.

The marine cable, costing NOK 50 million, is crucial for the development of this island community, says Arne Lorentsen, CEO of the power company to

It offers greater energy security, both for existing businesses and for those who want to establish new activities here.

Frode Kristensen, Head of Sales at Nexans Norway, says that Nexans is pleased that the cable will enhance Træna's infrastructure and allow the island to undertake further development. He explains that the cable is a 50-km three-core PEX (plastic) insulated power cable with a fibre optic inlay. It was manufactured at Nexans' Halden factory. The fibre elements are from Nexans' Rognan plant and the PEX insulation was done at the company's factory in Namsos.

Arne Lorentsen, the CEO of Rødøy-Lurøy Kraftverk, previously stated to Europower that Nexans won the tender on price and that they kept to the specified budget. He noted that both Norwegian and foreign companies were among the 4-5 different cable manufacturers who participated in the tendering round.

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