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RBR adds Ethernet interface to MS-310e microsalinometer
Date: Friday, November 12, 2010 @ 09:00:00 EST

RBR adds Ethernet interface to MS-310e microsalinometerRBR announces the release of the next version of its popular microsalinometer, the MS-310e. The latest advance is the addition of an Ethernet interface to remotely control the measuring cycle.

Using the RBR software, Ruskin, and the network connection, the MS-310e is capable of measuring directly from sample bottles, pipelines, saltwater reservoirs, fish tanks, and calibration baths without the operator being present at the measurement site. Through the Ethernet connection the MS-310e is commanded to fill or flush the measuring cells remotely. The number of cycles of fills and flushes before a measurement is defined by the operator. For example, the MS-310e may be located next to a conductivity calibration bath and remotely instructed to draw a sample, flush, draw a sample, measure, and then wait a defined period and repeat the process. The remote control and automation eliminates the need to have a computer next to the MS-310 in situations where repetitive measurements are made and that means there is one less device in the lab where space can be a premium. Additionally TCP/IP sockets complement the graphical interface with both data output and a control channel using a simple command language, permitting complete integration into laboratory workflows.

Think of the time saved by not having to go to the lab or measurement site to take a measurement.

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