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Bowtech Products Ltd further expand the AquaVision range of underwater lighting
Date: Thursday, November 11, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EST

Bowtech Products Ltd further expand the AquaVision range of underwater lightingBowtech Products Ltd announce the further expansion of our highly successful AquaVision range of underwater vision and lighting systems. The LED-6000-AC is our brightest 120VAC underwater LED light to date. The bright 6000 lumens white light produced is ideal for colour video inspection or viewing tasks. The hard anodised aluminium housing is available in either 3000 metre or 6000 metre depth rating. It is retrofittable to existing 120V AC systems.

The LED-1600-IR is our new infra-red LED light, ideal for non-intrusive observations of marine ecosystems This light features the latest LED technology; it is fitted with a cluster of Near IR LED's with a wavelength of 850nm which produces a high output of IR light with better transmission through the water column.

Our new LED-1600-UV "Black Light" is ideal for oil leak detection. It features the latest LED technology to produce and emit only UV light. As a result, far more usable UV is present for your inspection task without the requirement for heavy and costly ballasts and filters as is the case with outdated Mercury Vapour discharge lamps.

The LED-430 is the smallest in our range of LED lamps, measuring less than 130mm and weighing only 146g. It delivers a bright white light of 430 lumens and is rated for use up to 300m depth, ideal for colour video inspection or viewing tasks especially for diving and inspection ROV applications.

Bowtech Aquavision LED lights utilise the latest quad cluster LED technology which generates more than four times the light output per Watt than an incandescent bulb without the vulnerability of fragile filaments. They are extremely robust and highly shock resistant with an effective lifetime of over 100,000 hours.

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