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ISE Delivers New Hysub ROV
Date: Thursday, November 04, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EDT

ISE has delivered a new Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for SNK Ocean Co. Ltd., a Japanese marine services company based out of Tokyo, Japan. SNK has other ISE equipment.

The HYSUB ROV - the “Hakuyo 150-3000” - is designed to perform several functions including cable burial, salvage, research and survey. It is SNK’s deepest diving ROV, rated to an operational depth of 3000 meters. It will compliment SNK’s existing HYSUB ROV that operates to depths of 2000 meters. The vehicle is equipped with four lateral and three vertical thrusters, two manipulators, a full sensor package, and ISE’s customized control system, ACE.

The ROV is also equipped with a custom designed jet skid designed by James Adamson for cable burial operations. The ROV’s hydraulic power can be divided into two 75HP circuits when the skid is attached. After locating the cable, the vehicle descends and the jetting legs. A TSS cable skid is used for cable tracking. The forward thrust is 2500 lbs, and the forward speed is 3.7 knots.

SNK’s 150 HP HYSUB ROV during sea trials  SNK ROV trials and training off ISE’s research vessel  SNK ROV Console

SNK Ocean Co. Ltd.
SNK Ocean Co. Ltd. and ISE have enjoyed a long-standing relationship that extends over 20 years, with ISE delivering SNK’s first ROV in 1991. SNK provides marine vehicles including offshore construction equipment, offshore natural resources investigation, wreck and salvage operations. For more information, please contact Mr. K. Wachi, President, SNK Ocean Co. Ltd., email

International Submarine Engineering Ltd.
ISE formed in 1974 to design and build underwater vehicles for the subsea industry. During the last 35 years ISE has built remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), manned submersibles, semi-submersibles, robotic manipulators and AUVs. ISE also designs and builds unique solutions for subsea and robotic tasks, and has a customer base spanning the globe. Other notable product achievements include large and small robotic and control systems. Examples of some engineering projects include the
Shell SmartPump Refueling robot, and the STM crew training robot for the Canadian Space Agency.

ISE’s experience is represented by the over 200 vehicles built and delivered to clients in 20 countries. These vehicles can be found in the offshore petroleum industry, scientific research, telephone cable maintenance, accident investigation, torpedo recovery and other uses.

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