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Global Marine Systems completes installation of Malaysian power cable
Date: Monday, October 25, 2010 @ 11:00:00 EDT

Global Marine Systems completes installation of Malaysian power cableGlobal Marine Systems has announced the completion of a 12 kilometre power cable installation in Malaysia, connecting the Kapar Power Station to the island of Pulau Ketam.

The recently installed cable system crosses one of Malaysia's main shipping channels, and serves Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur's main port. As a result, the island of Pulau Ketam, which had previously been dependent on costly generators for electricity, now has a permanent power source.

Of particular note is the 12 metre depth at which the cable has been buried. Based upon a study commissioned by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) which looked ahead at potential port requirements over the next 50 years, future dredging requirements dictated that the cable be buried to a depth of 12 metres. This depth was required to ensure the cable was fully protected throughout its life and did not limit the expansion of the port.

The project was managed on behalf of TNB by, Abadi Ria Sdn Bhd (ARSB).

"This was a highly complex project and Global Marine Systems rose to the occasion, bringing a much needed, dependable power supply to the area," said Rosdin Anang, Project Manager, Abadi Ria Sdn Bhd. "In addition, even with the difficult conditions, the team was able to deliver the 12 metre burial depth required by the project - which is a testament to their expertise and skill."

Uraduct cable protection was installed at the edges of the 1.5 km wide 12 metre burial section to provide long-term protection on each side of the shipping channel.

"This was a highly technical project and the challenging conditions of the seabed were a major factor, which we had to adapt to. Our injector, which was purpose-built for this project, delivered as needed," said Andrew Lloyd, Director of Service Delivery, Global Marine Systems. "We are unaware of any other project around the world which has installed a cable at this depth of burial during a simultaneous lay and burial operation."

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