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The world's most advanced diving support vessel on seatrials
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EDT

The world's most advanced diving support vessel on seatrialsThe Havyard 858 DSV Acergy Havila is the most advanced Diving Support Vessel ever built. The vessel is under construction at Havyard Group's shipyard Havyard Leirvik in Sogn in Norway and is now performing the final Sea trials of the ship systems. The vessel will be delivered to the owner, which is a joint venture between Acergy and Havila Shipping in the middle of this month. After delivery the owner will perform extensive final testing of the advanced diving systems before the vessel is put into operation.

The Acergy Havila is a purpose-built vessel for saturated diving operations. From the beginning the vessel has been designed to fit the advanced saturated diving vessel system.

During the design and construction process there has been close cooperation between ship designer, shipyard, diving system supplier, ship owner and operator. This way the top knowledge from ship design, shipbuilding, marine operations and diving support has been utilized to design the best product.

The highest attention has been given through the whole process to minimize hazards to the people involved in the construction of the vessel and to the crew and divers working on the vessel in operation.

The result is the most advanced, state-of-the-art Diving Support Vessel in the world.

In addition to Havyard Leirvik building the vessels, several other companies within the Havyard Group has delivered products and services to the vessel.

• Havyard Design has delivered basic design and calculations.
• Havyard Steelcad has delivered detail engineering and workshop drawings.
• Havyard Elektro has delivered electrical installations and electric systems.
• Havyard Powertec has delivered electrical engineering and Havyard IASTM integrated automation system.
• Havyard Ship Services has followed up building of the steel hull in Turkey and will service the vessel in the warranty period using
• Havyard Life Cycle PortalTM.

We are very proud when we see this beautiful vessel sailing in the Sognefjord performing the final sea trials before delivery. This is the most challenging project so far for the Havyard Group and our people in the different Havyard companies have performed a fantastic job. In addition to being the biggest vessel built at Havyard Leirvik so far, with very advanced ship systems, the biggest challenge has been the integration of the advanced diving system in the design and building of the vessel. The diving and support systems extends over large areas and the whole ship is designed and built around these systems. Since safety is extremely important for a diving support vessel we have, together with our client, Acergy had a very high focus on QA and HES during the construction period. The strict requirements from Acergy have been very positive for us and we have learnt from their experience and knowledge and improved our systems and routines during the process. This means that we are even more qualified to execute these kind of demanding projects for the future. In my opinion, our track record shows that there is no company in the worlds that is more capable of delivering advanced offshore vessels says Trygve Solaas, Project Director at Havyard Leirvik AS.

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