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Ocean Modules announces HOTROV and RESROV
Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EDT

Ocean Modules announces HOTROV and RESROVToday, Ocean Modules announces two new ROV concepts specicfially for safe and painless inspections of drinking water reservoir tanks and hot water systems. The two brand new ROV systems, the Reservoir ROV (RESROV) and Hot Water ROV (HOTROV) are designed specifically for safe and painless inspections of drinking water reservoir tanks and hot water systems, respectively.

Extremely small and light, both systems sport the same powerful thrusters and extreme ease-of-use and reliability of the proven V8 Sii ROV. A unique backpack concept makes them easily transportable up stairs and in confined spaces.

Ocean Modules is also pioneering a new approach to surface cleaning together with a Norwegian development company, using a patented cleaning head that pressure-washes the surface and evacuates sediment in one step, with practically zero particle spillage. The cleaning head works on any submerged flat surface, including water system "ceilings". The Swedish engineering company Prodelox AB is also involved in the project.

Initially, the products will be aimed at the more than 3000 water systems in use in Swedish municipalities, all requiring inspection, in cooperation with some of the country's largest engineering consulting and diving services suppliers. An international launch will be announced shortly, interested companies are invited to express interest.

HOTROV and RESROV are also the first systems delivered with the new EtherLink data transport system, which scales seamlessly from one-camera systems with 50m copper umbilicals up to multiple simultaneous HD video feeds and high-bandwidth sonars over thousands of meters of fiber-optic umbilical.

Paired with SPOT.ON, the patented industry standard survey management system, these systems will provide a totally unique approach to confined space inspection and documentation.

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