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ORE delivers 100 acoustic releases
Date: Friday, August 20, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EDT

ORE delivers 100 acoustic releasesORE Offshore (an affiliate of EdgeTech) recently announced completing a shipment of 100 long-life acoustic releases. The Push Off Release Transponder Medium Frequency Extended Life (PORT MFE) systems were shipped to a customer involved with a major fish tracking research program.

The units offer unique capabilities that are well suited for shallow to medium depth long-life applications. The PORT MFE operates for five years on welded "AA" alkaline batteries. Additional features of the PORT include: a release load of 250 kg, capable water depth of 3500 meters and acoustic reply status which indicates a tilted angle, release confirmation and battery status. The unit operates with a mechanical drive off system and Ultem link that is ideal for areas which are susceptible to corrosion, growth or sediment build up. The PORT also is available in a Pop-Up configuration or with a strong back option to handle increased loads. The medium frequency acoustic command structure is very reliable in areas where vessel traffic is common and is unsurpassed in multi-path environments.

Along with the shipment of the PORT MFE systems, multiple surface command units, model AMD200RMF, were sent to the customer as well. This portable, light weight deck box comes with 20 meters of cable and a dunking transducer for ranging to and releasing the PORT MFE. Additionally, the PORT MFE is compatible with the ORE TrackPoint ultra short baseline (USBL) system for accurate positioning and quick relocation.

In addition to this shipment, ORE Offshore recently received another order for 100 PORT MFE systems. Those units are currently in production and slated to ship in September this year.

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