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Petrobras discovers oil in Campos Basin post-salt and pre-salt areas
Date: Friday, July 30, 2010 @ 09:00:00 EDT

Petrobras discovers oil in Campos Basin post-salt and pre-salt areasPetrobras discovered two new oil accumulations, one in the post-salt and the other in the pre-salt in reservoirs located in the Campos Basin. The single well was drilled in the Barracuda production concession area, some 100 km off the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, at a water depth of 860 meters. Petrobras already has production and offloading infra-structure installed in the area.

One of the accumulations that was discovered was in pre-salt carbonatic reservoirs and is nestled at a depth of 4,340 meters. Preliminary estimates indicate the presence of light oil (28o API), with recoverable volumes of approximately 40 million barrels, in reservoirs of good productivity which have been confirmed by the testing that has been done.

The other discovery was an oil accumulation found in sandy post-salt reservoirs, which already have a production history in the Barracuda area. The volume of recoverable oil has been estimated at 25 million barrels in this accumulation.

Taking advantage of the complete production and outflow infrastructure installed in the area, the Company is analyzing interconnecting the well to Platform P-43, which is already in operation at the Barracuda Field.

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