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Schilling Robotics now offering in-arm slave electronics module
Date: Wednesday, December 08, 2004 @ 11:23:20 EST

Davis, CA ... Schilling Robotics is now offering a new in-arm slave electronics module that fits easily in the TITAN 3 Manipulator slave arm. In addition to improving downside electronics, the module keeps the need for spare parts to a minimum, increases the standard depth rating from 3,000 msw to 4,000 msw, enhances troubleshooting, reduces system weight and space requirement, and improves shock resistance.

The in-arm slave electronics requires 24 VDC. If the vehicle can supply 24VDC, a Schilling Robotics SeaNet cable/connector is used between the slave arm and the vehicle junction box. If 24 VDC is unavailable, a small pressure-sealed power module is also used that contains an AC power supply that that converts world AC power to 24 volts DC. The dimensions of this module are approximately 6-inch X 3 1/4-inch X 2 3/4- inch.

The already superior reliability of the TITAN 3 manipulator system is enhanced by simplifying the process and components used in data transmission. Eliminating the slave bottle, slave cable and 79-pin wiring harness decreases the possibility of water intrusion and electrical connection problems in the manipulator system. A simplified slave arm internal harness replaces the current 79-pin wiring harness and the new in-arm slave electronics module provides for increased shock resistance. All components on the new PCB are surface mounted so there are no interconnections between PCBs and no cables interconnecting the PCBs. Since all one- atmosphere cavities are eliminated, there is no longer a need for pressure or vacuum checks.

7 December 2004


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