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Ocean Modules sells ROVs in Australia and China
Date: Friday, July 02, 2010 @ 11:19:05 EDT

Ocean Modules sells ROVs in Australia and ChinaROV manufacturer Ocean Modules has sold V8 Sii ROVs to customers in Australia and China in the past month.

Tenth V8 Sii destined for Australia

The fourth V8 Sii ROV system purchased by subsea engineering consultancy Intervention Engineering is on its way. The 2010 model includes a new buoyancy material design and extended stainless frame, increasing payload and effectiveness of the open-frame concept. It is also equipped with the new OM Thruster 110, designed specifically for the 360° capability of the V8 Sii, as well the second-generation control software.

Ocean Modules is proud to work with Stuart Barrow, who ordered his first V8 Sii ROV in 2007, followed by a second in 2008 and the two latest in 2009.

Part of the OM crew bid farewell to the tenth V8 Sii destined for Australia.

V8 Sii ROVs to China

Chinese customers have placed orders for three complete V8 Sii ROV systems, including winches and additional equipment. These systems represent the first ROVs sold by Ocean Modules to the Chinese market.

In other news, the unique operational branch of Ocean Modules, Ocean Services, has completed a large number of jobs lately, exclusively as a service for Ocean Modules ROV customers. These have included everything from SPOT.ON dam inspections in France to water treatment plant and power cable inspections in Sweden, proving the many advantages of the V8 Sii concept.

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