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Sonsub Completes First ROV Clamp Installation
Date: Friday, December 03, 2004 @ 02:58:43 EST

Sonsub has successfully utilized and seal tested the first ROV installed deepwater elbow clamp in the Gulf of Mexico. Working off the HOS Innovator with the Innovator 09 ROV, the clamp was used to repair two holes on a 4" service line on a pipeline sled in 4200fsw.

Tasks for Sonsub included the design, manufacture, assembly and testing of the required equipment used to facilitate the remote installation of the Team Industrial Services designed clamp; SIT testing of the clamp; and installation procedures which enabled the ROV to float the 980lb clamp onto the elbow, install and torque the bolts and pressure test the clamp.

Additionally, Sonsub designed and manufactured an epoxy injection system which was successfully employed to inject the Team Industrial Services developed epoxy components into the clamp as a backup sealant on the repair. This was another first in the Gulf of Mexico.

2 December 2004


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