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Workers stay on gas leak platform
Date: Monday, November 29, 2004 @ 01:19:26 EST

brae_Marathon.jpgMore than 40 workers remain on a North Sea oil platform from which 139 people were evacuated following a gas leak.
Three search and rescue helicopters were involved in the operation, which began just after 2000 GMT on Saturday.

The remaining 'essential' workers on Brae Alpha, 155 miles north-east of Aberdeen, are continuing to investigate the cause of the leak.
No-one was injured during the incident and it is not clear how long the remaining workers will stay on board.

'Everything safe'

A spokeswoman for platform operators, Marathon Oil, said: "The investigation into the cause of the incident is continuing and until we are happy that everything is safe and the investigation is complete; we will stick with having just essential people on the platform."
Production at the rig remains shut down.
On Saturday night, 114 non-essential workers were airlifted to the nearby Brae Bravo platform.
And on Sunday, a further 25 crew were taken to the East Bravo rig.
The Marathon Oil spokeswoman said that 113 of the 114 workers removed on Saturday night were flown to Aberdeen by a civilian helicopter.
The remaining worker remains on board Brae Bravo.
Bill Smith, Aberdeen Coastguard watch manager, said: "We are working closely with Marathon to ensure the safety of all their personnel."

29 November 2004

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