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Tetis Pro Delivers 1st LBV to Russian Rescue Ministry
Date: Friday, November 19, 2004 @ 06:26:03 EST

In September 2004 Tetis Pro supplied the first LBV150S system to the Rescue Ministry of Russia. Russia has a large number of lakes and rivers making it necessary for the rescue team to be highly mobile for operations from shore or on a boat. The system was placed on a fast speed rescue boat on Baikal Lake located on the Far East of Russia. It has a comprehensive range of diver equipment and the LBV for diver support and underwater observation applications.

The LBV system was chosen by the Rescue ministry because of the mobility and high technical specification compare with competitors and possibility of qualified local support in Russia.

Baikal Lake is the biggest and deepest lake in Russia. Four months out of the year it is covered by ice so it was very important to choose a portable remote observation vehicle for missions from a boat or ice sheet. The main priority of the LBV is underwater search and observation for sunken and hazard objects on the seabed.

As the first system delivered LBV had to pass full testing in a Scientific Laboratory for technical specification. Verification of main characteristics like speed, thrust, video and even maximum working depth were conducted with the later in a pressure test pot. Once LBV had successfully passed the verification process it was put to real observation work in Moscow river and Baltic sea.

The complete system consists of LBV150S, Micron sonar and video module. Video module was specially designed and made by Tetis Pro according with weather requirements on Russia Far East. It has transport case, monitor 15”, SVHS recorder and laptop for sonar. The analog monitor was chosen because of good brightness and possibility to work in zero degree temperature. Also it has a built in 4-channel matrix switcher so the image from the sonar’s laptop can be displayed on the monitor as well.

SeaBotix representative in Russia Tetis Pro is confident that the Rescue Ministry is satisfied with LBV and LBV has become the standard unit for Russian Rescue team.

Information and pictures provided by Alexander Yakovlev of Tetis Pro.

19 November 2004


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