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Tiger 26 Delivers Baby ROV Safely!
Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 @ 15:00:00 EST

Rovtech were recently called in to provide a taxi service for a small eyeball ROV. The job involved safely transporting a micro ROV to a 60cm access point at the base of an Offshore Structure.

The base of the offshore structure consists of a number of interlinked concrete chambers into which the micro ROV had to deliver several small measuring devices.

To achieve this a small deployment basket was attached to the side of the Tigers TMS garage, and the ROV was deployed to the working depth. Once at the working depth the Tiger swam out from its TMS and picked up the micro ROV and swam over to the access point. The Tiger then placed the micro ROV through the access hole and fed its tether through to allow the micro ROV to perform its tasks. On completion of the micro ROV's tasks the Tiger returned the micro ROV to the basket, returned to its garage and the 2 systems were recovered to deck.

17 November 2004

Rovtech Ltd

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