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StarFish Now Interfaces with Chesapeake Technology’s SonarWiz Products
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010 @ 09:46:01 EST

Tritech International - Starfish Side Scan SonarStarfish side scan systems can now be interfaced directly to Chesapeake’s SonarWiz.MAP and SonarWiz 5 software.
Tritech’s high performance shallow water StarFish systems now have the full advantage of real-time and post-processing power, allowing users to produce high-resolution maps and reports in a wide variety of formats.

Starfish side scan sonar headSonarWiz.MAP and SonarWiz 5 are all-in-one packages that will assist the StarFish customer in data collection interpretation and reporting. The real-time mosaic features of the SonarWiz product line help insure the user that the data quality and coverage requirements are fully satisfied, before leaving the survey operations area.
Jesse Rodocker, Director of Marketing, SeaBotix, is a StarFish and SonarWiz Distributor commented: “I am encouraged by the completeness of SonarWiz. SonarWiz provides Starfish users the most efficient all-in-one package for handling the complete survey cycle from start to finish.”
John Gann, VP of Engineering at Chesapeake, commented: “I was sceptical when I first looked at the Tritech product and its price point. However, the StarFish data quality in shallow water operations is very good and comparable to more expensive instruments.”

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