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CMLabs launches major new sonar capabilities for marine and subsea training appl
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010 @ 10:00:00 EST

CMLabs launches major new sonar capabilities for marine and subsea training applicationsCMLabs, the global innovator of real-time, physics-based simulations, announced today the availability of VxSonar, a fully-featured Vortex module for wide-ranging sonar applications. Designed for software developers and system integrators to produce engineering-grade simulations, Vortex leads the marine, subsea and other industries in simulating sonar solutions for real-world operator training, mission rehearsal, virtual prototyping and testing.

Since safe navigation and precise object detection are crucial in all marine and subsea realms, VxSonar adds an important new dimension to training projects that deploy mine detectors, submarines, search and rescue/recovery ships, ROVs, and other vessels. VxSonar's physics-based realism - with accurate object detection, identification and detailed seabed scanning - ensures high-fidelity 3D sonar visual simulation that fast-tracks skills acquisition and improves outcomes for procedure training, operations rehearsal, and other purposes.

"Our new VxSonar module represents a major addition to the industry-leading Vortex," stated Arnold Free, VP Business Development at CMLabs. "Developed to meet the exacting sonar training needs of several customers, VxSonar provides extensive training benefits, market-driven technical features, and easy Vega Prime integration. And since many naval and other sonar-critical operations are moving from the deep sea into the littoral zone, VxSonar is the ideal solution for vis-sim developers to equip operators for accurate interpretation and quick decision-making in challenging inshore conditions."

VxSonar Highlights

• Two multifeatured sonar systems: Sidescan sonar, which captures wide areas of the seafloor through a cascading waterfall display; and active single-beam scanning sonar with rotating transducer array, displayed on a Plan Position Indicator (PPI).
• Rich feature set: Multiple options such as range and lateral scan spread, noise factors, number of rays cast, field of view, scanning speed, and material reflectivity properties.
• Substantial training benefits: Highly realistic sonar operation, accurate image visualization, and data-capture capabilities help prepare trainers, mission planners and operators for a full range of sonar scenarios.
• Full Vega Prime integration: Rapid development and deployment through Presagis' LynX Prime interface, including full access to the VxSonar API, plus easy integration with other simulations in the Vega Scene Graph.
• Numerous industry applications: Navigation and detection (mine sweepers, submarines, aircraft carriers, ROVs, etc.), rescue/recovery, fisheries, topography mapping, and exploration.
• Multiple hardware possibilities: Integrates with control systems and visual displays for realistic operation and feedback.

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