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Real-time AWAC data from Duck Field Research Facility
Date: Friday, December 04, 2009 @ 10:00:00 EST

Real-time AWAC data from Duck Field Research FacilityThe US Army Corps of Engineers is posting real-time AWAC data from one of four AWAC's deployed in a cross-shelf array at the Duck Field Research Facility.

A significant challenge to numerical wave modeling is capturing the dynamics of wave transformation in coastal waters. To collect essential data sets and evaluate numerical wave model performance, the US Army Corps of Engineers developed a real-time cross-shore wave and current array across the energetic shelf environment in Duck, NC. The array consists of four (4) AWAC wave and current profilers at 5- to 11-m depths, a pier-based meteorological station at 8-m depth, and two directional Waverider buoys at 17- and 26-m depths. NDBC station 44014 adds winds and directional waves at 48-m depth. With these sensors the array spans 95-km and captures all phases of wave transformation from the outer continental shelf to within the surf zone. More information about, and results from, the Duck FRF cross-shore array is available here:

Real-time AWAC data from the 8 m isobath is now being presented online here:

Real-time wave processing is done both by Nortek-supplied software and by XWaves software. The XWaves software provides many insightful views of the wave and current data from the AWAC.

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