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Chelsea's MINIpack adapted for Antarctic deployments
Date: Monday, August 24, 2009 @ 12:00:00 EDT

Chelsea's MINIpack adapted for Antarctic deploymentsChelsea Technologies Group has upgraded its MINIpack CTD Fluorimeter for use in the Antarctic. The MINIpack is already a very compact sensor and it has now been complimented with a low profile guard specifically designed for deployments through ice holes. A standard ice auger hole is 250 mm diameter. With the new guard the MINIpack diameter only increases from 120mm to 140mm making it ideally suited for measurements through ice boreholes. An internal lithium battery and removable SmartMedia card means that the MINIpack has no external connectors - ideal for such a rugged environment.

MINIpack can also be used as the core of a larger multi-parameter system. As such, it may be used as a discrete profiling instrument, installed on a data buoy, moored in the ocean or to form the core of a towed undulating vehicle system. It has been designed specifically for easy installation into the Chelsea Technologies Group range of towed vehicles.

This compact instrument contains a fluorimeter, conductivity, temperature and depth sensor. These sensors are coupled to a high performance data logger. For real time applications, the MINIpack is provided with a transmission system with the capability of providing power to and acquiring data from up to 16 external sensors (14 differential channels & 2 single ended channels). These may typically include dissolved oxygen, pH, PAR, up & down welling sensors, fluorimeters & transmissometers. A titanium / acetal housing contains all on-board sensors, processing boards, data transmission or internal batteries.

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