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Navigation sonar FS-3 from FarSounder
Date: Monday, August 24, 2009 @ 10:00:00 EDT

Navigation sonar FS-3 from FarSounderThe FS-3 is FarSounder's base product and today is used as the starting point for special projects such as diver detection and localization and AUV/ROVs. Until the introduction of the FS-3DT the FS-3 was the original 3D Forward Looking Sonar designed as a surface ship navigation device capable of detecting whales, shipping containers, and other in-water obstacles.

Unlike other Forward Looking Sonar products, the FS-3 is capable of generating a 3-dimensional depth map over its entire field-of-view with a single ping. This system is not only capable of indicating how far away targets are, but also at what range and how deep the target is located.

The FS-3 operates at 60 kHz and has an accuracy of about 1.6 degrees. The range of the system is shown in the table and with depth mapping capability to at least 8 water depths.

The system includes a transducer, power module, and graphical user interface. The wet-end (transducer) is generally mounted in the bow or stem of a vessel, facing forward. The power module connects to the wet-end and is rack or table mountable for convenient installation.

Multiple user interfaces can be connected to the system via Ethernet giving the freedom to place them away from the power module. The display includes: 3D, chart overlay, vertical slice, and volumetric display modes with color mapped to depth, user selectable depth and detection thresholds, and roll and pitch correction.

A user definable alarm can be used to alert the user to the presence of in-water obstacles. The system is also capable of incorporating NMEA GPS, speed, sounder, and heading data.

This system is also available under a special developers license for scientists and other users who which to access the raw data though Matlab compatible data files and Microsoft Windows DLL programming interfaces.

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