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Quincy PD uses tandem of technology to recover drowning victim
Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Quincy PD uses tandem of technology to recover drowning victimQuincy Massachusetts Police Department use side scan sonar and VideoRay ROV to locate and recover drowning victim Juan Carlos Guzman, 29, of Lawrence, Massachusetts.

The Quincy Massachusetts Police Department located and recovered the body of Juan Carlos Guzman, 29, of Lawrence Massachusetts on Wednesday, July 15 with the help of two crucial pieces of underwater search technology.

The area of the Merrimack River where the victim was believed to have perished was first scanned with a Klein 3900 Search and Recovery Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar System, manufactured for this exact application by Salem, New Hampshire based Klein Associates, Inc.

After the towfish returned what was undoubtedly an image of the victim, Quincy PD officials headed by Lt. Robert Gillan, who supervises the department's homeland security, scuba and marine units, deployed their VideoRay Pro 3 Remotely Operated Vehicle to quickly obtain visual evidence of the victim who rested at approximately 30 feet below the surface.

Using the ROVs grabber arm, a mini manipulator fixed to the bottom of the submersible, they were able to latch onto a piece of clothing and hold their position while the divers followed the highly visible yellow ROV tether right to the body.

This is a method that has been utilized several times with great success with the VideoRay ROV. It saves the divers time and air by doing all of the initial searching and location scouting while observing the surrounding environment for potential dangers.

Video of Quincy PD explaining their VideoRay ROV setup

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