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SeeByte sees a wave of opportunity with latest university agreement
Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 @ 14:00:00 EDT

SeeByte sees a wave of opportunity with latest university agreementSeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software for unmanned underwater vehicles, and the University of Balearic Islands are making waves with their latest software license agreement as they move towards a more advanced AutoTracker product. Having worked together since the inception of AutoTracker, the University was pleased to support the further development of this product.

AutoTracker is a world-first technology developed to enable autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to carry-out export pipeline inspections with the utmost precision. AutoTracker uses its existing payload sensors to detect and adjust its own trajectory to accurately track the pipeline. This innovative product currently holds the world-record for the longest (22km) continuous autonomous inspection of a subsea pipeline.

"Collaboration with academia is something that SeeByte holds in high regard. Working with various worldwide universities to help bring products to market is a win-win situation for all parties involved. We actively pursue opportunities such as these and look forward to partnering with other universities on projects in the future," said Dr. Ioseba Tena, SeeByte Sales Manager.

Oscar Calvo, lecturer at the University of Balearic Islands and lead researcher of the UIB development team adds, "This is an exciting venture for the University to be able to partner with a global company like SeeByte. We have very much enjoyed working with them and are happy to see our students benefit from the SeeByte internship placements that have been made available to them. This latest agreement allows us to see our laboratory technology brought to life in the real-world marketplace and helps us gain global recognition through our involvement."

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