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AC-CESS Pleased to Announce a New Distributor
Date: Saturday, August 01, 2009 @ 06:32:27 EDT


AC-CESS Co UK Ltd (Aberdeen Scotland) are pleased to announce the signing of a new international distributor for the AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System. This further cements AC-CESS’s position as the dominant European micro ROV manufacturer.



Dacon Inspection (Norway & Sweden)AC-ROV Micro ROV
Based in Norway and headquartered in Thailand, Dacon Inspection offer services ranging from non destructive testing (NDT) to complete inspection programs to the oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries. With a client base covering the Scandinavian countries and the entire South East Asian region, Dacon are at the forefront of RVI technology. What they can’t buy they make themselves including crawler vehicles, pigs and probes.

Mr. Bore Borretzen, Marketing Manager and co-founder of Dacon was immediately impressed by the AC-ROV “As soon as we saw the AC-ROV we knew it would slot into our inspection offering perfectly. In our industry, vehicle size, mobility and ingress capability are project critical factors – this is why Dacon build their own inspection vehicles if they can’t a ready solution. We have never seen an ROV as small, mobile and powerful as the AC-ROV - we were genuinely astounded”.


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