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General Robotics Ltd. (GRL) opens ROV pilot support and assessment center
Date: Friday, February 20, 2009 @ 09:00:00 EST

General Robotics Ltd. (GRL) opens ROV pilot support and assessment centerGeneral Robotics Ltd. (GRL) has opened an ROV pilot support and assessment center in Aberdeen. GRL has also developed assessment metrics software, which when used with a ROVolution simulator, can objectively assess a pilot's performance of key ROV flight maneuvers such as maintaining a flight path and tether management. The software also evaluates core competencies, like the use of navigation aids, spatial awareness, and timekeeping.

The new center offers pre-configured scenarios running on GRL's simulators from basic offshore tasks to complex subsea interventions. Coupled with GRL's model and simulation building services the center can help pilots and technicians rehearse missions before going offshore.

"We have designed a pilot training metrics tool that allows the pilot and their trainer to analyze performance, so they can pinpoint where a pilot needs additional training or support," says said Miller Crockart, head of business development for GRL. "Pilot metrics allows the user to analyze a ROV flight in a way I believe has not been available before, and which will help the continuing drive to improve efficiency and performance, and allow training to be targeted on the needs of individual pilots."

You can download a brochure here (PDF - 780kb).

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